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Welcome to Hup Lip Furnishing & Grille

Hup Lip Furnishing & Grille manufactures and (in selected areas) installs a wide range of "wrought iron" (steel) gates. All gates are made to order. Our wide range includes garden gates, single gates, archway gates, double gates, farm gates and electric (automated) gates.
Over the last 16 years we have supplied thousands of gates, railings and bespoke wrought iron work throughout the Malaysia See locations.

Steel Roofing
Our permanently-colored stainless steel roofing tiles will give your project an honest, timeless and classic look. It delivers a combination of extreme durability with design versatility. Beautiful maintenance-free metal tiles are available in natural and color.

The strongest roofing material available Extreme -corrosive resistance
Colored with a prismatic process, NOT paint
Not susceptible to UV damage or fading.

Weighs far less than traditional roofing materials.
70% Recycled and 100% Recycleable
Extremely fire retardent
Collect potable water
Does not require installation clips


Gates and railings are available in a wide range of designs and we can also design and manufacture to order.

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